Meet The Crew!

Mark Smith

The Warden

Expert Stitcher. With a needle and thread (and sometimes a little lace) he makes everything he touches look beautiful. Keeps those stitches in line and always pays close attention to detail.

Kaitlin Fara

The Secret Weapon

This lady swoops in when we most need her. She is the elf that makes magic happen when nobody is looking and is the secret weapon in our arsenal that helps us tackle all the work that comes in last minute.

Kaysha Korrow

Sly Spy

She waits for her mission, then handles it before you even know what happened! She has her skills sharpened and is ready to execute whatever may come our way. We are very happy to have her as part of our team.

Randy Handley

The Mad Hatter

Not only is he an extremely talented and experienced stitcher and draper, he can make any headpiece you could dream up! If you need a crazy headpiece to go with that outrageous new get up, Randy is my man to make it happen!

Peter Morales

The Sponge

Works closely with Tricia to soak up all the knowledge that he can absorb in this fast paced environment. He is an excellent stitcher and is working hard to become the next big costume builder in Las Vegas. Keep an eye out for this one!

Emily Wiersma

Office Diva

Sorts through the numbers and paperwork to keep us all in line and running smoothly, all while keeping up her fabulous pizzazz!

Vicki Isola

Sole Sister

Lead Shoe Advisor and Technician. If it goes on your feet, this sister will get 'em kickin'.

Serge Depelchin

Web Mastermind

Created this site to show the world what we are all about! Patiently helping us understand just enough to make sure you all are up to date with the latest happenings.

Melissa Depelchin

Marketing Guru

Always making sure we put our best foot forward and stay true to our ideals and goals. She has a caring watchful eye to lead us in the right direction.

Trish Durden

Graphic Artist

Took our aesthetic and company culture and turned our name into a logo we are proud to represent us.

Diane DeMille

Education Consultant

If knowledge is power, this lady could rule the world! Her years of experience in the education world guides us to find the best way to pass on these technical skills and our creative passion to eager students.

Cordy Rodriguez

Education Consultant

With her own arsenal of knowledge and experience, she helps our workshop program become unstoppable to passing on these desired talents. This dynamic educational duo is the perfect support for all of our educational goals.

Michael Rodriguez

Tech Wiz

If it plugs in, powers on, or has a screen, he can figure it out. Using the most convenient technology to keep this business up to speed has its challenges at times. He is always there with answers and suggestions.


Future Fashion & Costume Designers

Current Southwest CTA Interns: Currently on hold for new interns

We are partnering with Southwest Career and Technical Academy, offering their high school students an ongoing internship program as well. This is a great opportunity to give students hands-on experience in fashion and costume-making, giving them exposure to a real creative setting. A dream come reality!