Elaine in Vegas Nocturne

Photo by Eric Kabik/ Renta


Best Go-Go Dancers

"Marquee just gets it... (Marquee) 'break(s) the cliche of what a go-go dancer is and how to elevate it'... Wild costumes, acrobatic choreography and a clever set design work in unison to tell dreamlike stories that complement the music." In the Cosmopolitan,

The Patterned Seamstress designed and made costumes for Wet Wonderland at Marquee Day Club every Saturday, May - September of 2013.

Vegas Nocturne

in Rose.Rabbit.Lie at the Cosmopolitan

3 Cantos Performed throughout the evening in the Gatsby-esque Bar/Club at the Cosmopolitan Casino.


Vaudeville/Circus Show

in NY, Times Square

Summer 2012

Australia 2013

Patterned Seamstress Costume

"Spider Woman"

Center of Picture

Designer: Angus Strathie

The Las Vegas Weekly

September 16-19 2010

Eve Nightclub at Crystals


Lady Gaga Birthday

Car Kulture Deluxe Magazine

February 2010

Poison Candy Dresses

at Viva Las Vegas

Rodz Magazine

September 2008


Jaime Deadly in Poison Candy